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Track progress of each student and have an overview of their achievments. To enhance the experience further, use our storybooks.

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What is GalaxyCodr?

GalaxyCodr is an interactive game for teaching kids algoritmical thinking and principles of programming. Teachers can use it as a tool during their lessons.

Who is it for (Target audience)?

We have designed GalaxyCodr for teaching kids 7 years old and up. Thanks to more complex levels we recommend the range up to 10 years.

Why should I use it?

Everything depends on technology and we need to teach our youngest generation how to leverage the power of technologies for their success.

How does it work?

Players have to go through various levels, that are designed as coding challenges. These increase in complexity as they learn.

How much does it cost?

The whole Game and teacher account, are free. If you want do enhance the experience and engagement, you can buy one of our storybooks.

How can I help this project?

We will be happy when you use GalaxyCodr and spread the word. If you would like to participate as a local ambassador or support it other way, contact us.

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